Race to the last key states: Biden wins Wisconsin

Matt Stoo
Nov 4, 2020


America has been awake for several hours but still does not know the name of its next president. It takes 270 electors for a candidate to be elected. Here are the latest estimates while the count is still in progress.

What you need to know is:

Barack Obama’s 77-year-old former vice president is still increasing his lead over the 74-year-old incumbent according to various projections. Several key states have not yet rendered their verdict: Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are among them.

The current tenant of the White House claimed victory before the end of the vote count and announced his intention to take the case to the Supreme Court so that “all votes stop”, launching serious accusations of “fraud”, which were later repeated on his Twitter account.

Joe Biden reacted, calling Donald Trump’s comments “outrageous” and “unprecedented”. His team announced on Wednesday that Joe Biden was “on the road to victory”.

Postal voting, which reached a record level this year, plays a crucial role. The results are sometimes very close, and the counting of votes by mail delays the counting. In all likelihood, the name of the 46th President of the United States will not be officially known in the next few hours.

Only six states have yet to render their verdict and decide who will become president of the United States: Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, Alaska, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Rarely in a U.S. election is the name of the winner known almost 24 hours after the election.

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